A pregnant teen Christian helps a fugitive killer junky run to Mexico.

Sonny Chavez, a fugitive killer junky, runs toward Juarez from Trinidad Colorado to Las Cruces New Mexico.
Lori, a teen Christian who works at a fast food restaurant discovers that she’s pregnant. She goes to her empty church to pray about it and tries to decide to have the baby. When the father, her boss, says that it can’t be his and calls her a liar, she decides to have an abortion. Driving from a doctor’s office where she is denied the procedure she has a miscarriage.
Sonny robs Giant Burger, a fast food restaurant, and steals Lori’s car and kidnaps her to insure the other workers don’t call the police for awhile.
On the road two actually have a relaxed pleasant converstion in which she persuades Sonny that asking Jesus to forgive him is worth it because it’s not for himself but for Christ.
Sonny lets Lori take her car and go when they get to El Paso. He gets on his knees in a field of weeds and asks Christ to forgive him.
After a violent confrontation with two drug pushers Sonny takes their money and dope and OD’s in a bar restroom.
In a predeath delirium Sonny hallucinates that the police have cornered him. He sneaks out the window. A cop car sits blocking the end of a dead end alley. But Lori’s car waits there. She sneaks him past the cop and Lori drives Sonny down a highway into the sunrise.

Starring Matt Jaramillo

Starring Noelle Welter


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